nepal earthquake

Nepal Earthquake
26 April 2015

Swamiji Maharaj was directly involved in the grueling earthquake tragedy in Nepal.He donated blood for the earthquake victims and inspired others.


Uttarakhand Disaster
24 Jun 2013

Patanjali Yogpeeth (Trust) of H.H. Swami Ramdevji Maharaj is engaged in the relief work for Uttarakhand disaster affected persons at large scale.

Bihar flood

Bihar Flood
18 Aug 2008

Patanjali Yogpeeth emerged as the biggest NGO in the world to provide aid and relief to the victims of the most calamitous floods of the century in Bihar in 2008.


Patanjali Sevashram

Patanjali Yogpeeth family has taken resolution to adopt children suffering Uttarakhand disaster. We have not only thought about unsaved mothers, sisters but we are also working with complete planning for the all. Patanjali Seva Aashram has been created at Narayan Koti near gupt kashi.Just think those people would have
suffered many nights in the terrible tragedy,cold,in snow and rain,
they would be hungry and thirsty,they would be weeping,how they would have suffered. One can feel it by staying hungry in the meadows of Himalaya’s, by spending a few hours in cold with less clothes. To feel the pain of others we need to land in those senses, then senses gets awakened.